PTC: BitTorrent Client


This project is no longer under development.
Previous releases can be obtained via our project page at SourceForge.

Developer Statement

Reasons for stopping development on the PTC client are numerous and I can only give some of the most important ones. Needless to say, this decision was not an easy one to make.

The BitTorrent technology is quite sophisticated and its importance seems to be growing fast. However, it is a young protocol and still evolving. In the past two years, new clients - shiny, colourful interface replacements - popped up in abundance. Almost all of them offered something special. Almost all of them had their specific advantages and quite a lot of them had at least one or two annoying habits that made someone else think they should start a project of their own. Ever checked Google for "bittorrent client"? The big problem is that a good part of those idealistists are working alone or in small teams (exceptions like Azureus are extremely rare). So is the "father" of BitTorrent (Bram Cohen) himself, in fact. Well, things change and what once was an exciting new piece of development can quickly become a dull and lengthy searching of bugged code. This is not surprising but often it means someone leaving the project. It happened to PTC and so many other promising clients.

That is not the complete story, obviously. As I already said: things change - they certainly have for me. Now trying to take care of University, various jobs and my private life, time has become considerably more valuable. Not that working on PTC would be time wasted but it is just that: work.

I do regret having had to write this, trust me on it. If you feel like commenting on the issue or just leave some parting wishes, consider yourself encouraged to email me.

Philipp Kruse (sphire), 05/13/2005